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Filed under: Daily — December 20, 2010 @ 8:26 pm

SO since it’s been 4 months and 2010 is coming to a close, I thought I better finally blog again! It has been a wonderful year for us Hettingers and families. Even though this should “technically” be done at Thanksgiving, I wanted to list what I’m thankful for in this past year

- The birth of not one but TWO nieces, Anna and Katelynn. Now that both my sisters have children there’s probably a little more internal tugging for a family, but those moments are few and far between ;) Maybe if kids came out covered in fur we’d be more likely to want them sooner than later - I’d go for a long-haired variety

- A husband I’m crazy about. He’s a constant source of laughs, but also strength when I’m not feeling so strong. “Love you so much, forever.”

- Wonderful family on both the Hettinger and Bidney side; always supportive and caring

- Fabulous friends and girls’ nights

- Our furry kids who give the type of companionship only a pet can give. Not ashamed in the least about the insane amount of love I have for them.

- A job I really like and where I feel like a contributing member (even if getting up in the morning isn’t all that fun). Great managers and co-workers make the work environment wonderful to be in. Very thankful for two promotions in two years.

- Our townhouse which is becoming more and more us all the time (oh and thanks to the husband who keeps “letting us” do a project, only to start another one once completed)

- Des Moines Community Orchestra; for being a musical outlet. SO happy that Des Moines has an orchestra for non-professionals who just want to keep playing. Esctatic to be bowing away on a wooden box with strings since I was 5.

- This should probably be farther up on the list, but our health. Besides the occassional bug we’ve been very healthy. Jogging has become rather routine for us (well, not so much with the holidays, but besides that!); love that we do 5Ks together, hope we increase to a 10K in 2011.

- My pescetarian food-life since last March. Whether it’s b/c I’m a Bidney, or a girl (or both) there aren’t too many things about myself that I feel truly proud about, but this is one of them. Not eating anything with fur or feathers puts me at ease. They say that 1 vegetarian “saves” 90 animals a year by not eating meat. Trying new recipes and veggies I’ve never eaten before has been a constant thrill and I’ve been continually amazed at how realistic meat substitutes are (though, yes, they are processed). I’m excited for the 1-year mark and have been trying to think of how to celebrate. Also makes me even crazier about the husband - he’s very supportive and will eat every sans-meat thing I make. “Butternut squash with cous cous!? Mmmmmmmm” he says ;)
It’s been a challenge and there’s still the occassional craving (less and less); I’m not perfect (use leather items) but I’ve enjoyed this learning process more than I could imagine.

- Good wine, good movies, and good books :)