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Holidays 2010

Filed under: Daily — December 27, 2010 @ 12:21 pm

Christmas was a couple days ago and I’m already missing it. I’ll be 30 next year and I love it as much as I did when I was a kid, though I suppose that’s a good thing! Anyway, time for a recap. Christmas day was Chris and my mom.

Again, when you’re almost 30 there’s not many times when you can still wear braided pigtails; Christmas morning is one of those times.

Mom in her awesome owl pjs and the heated throw we got her

Chris got a bunch of things Lego-related of course. Both from me and from “Santa.” The great thing about Lego is there are a bunch of things that are very collectible, so for gift-giving occassions I like to focus on the collectible items. This is a Lego Maquette of Boba Fett. One of 1,500 made.Boba Fett

Had to get this one in there too. Evolution of Lego :)


A much-needed new ski coat! Very ready for our trip now!
ski coat

After gift opening I snuck in a nap and started in on lunch - veggie lasagna, scalloped potatoes, and green bean casserole. In my awesome pjs I got from my in-laws and the tablecloth I got from my in-laws a couple years ago!

We got all dolled up and headed to Plymouth for Katelynn’s baptism. Amy, Eric, Eli, and Anna came earlier in the day and were with our dad and step-mom, so we all met up for the baptism.

Adorable little miss in her baptism gear with momma Stephanie

Anna loving my necklace. I’m SO excited as she’s a natural red-head! I have no idea where that red came from as both her parents have brown hair. I’m jealous :)

Eli praying

Lady, I was just fine until you poured cold water on my head

Entertaining the kids in the back

She moved on from enjoying my necklace to my hair

Our family and Steph’s family

After the baptism we did Christmas #2 with mom, Amy, and Eric and fam.

Chris and Eli putting together a Lego Christmas tree

Amy said Eli has been big on boardgames so we got him Memory. When he opened it he looked at it and said “Can I open the next one?” HA!!!

Eli covering up his eyes for his BIG gift - a SPIDERMAN bike!


Eric helping Eli with his BUZZ snuggie :)

Christmas #3 was the day after Christmas with dad and Roberta at the Hill.

Aunt Amy and cousin Eli time

Last year’s gift proudly displayed
leg lamp

This requires a backstory. About 5-6 years ago I was at a work Christmas party. One of my dad’s employees restores old cars. He came up to me at the party and said he had a dream where I came to his office, pointed at a carbeurator (sp?) and asked if I was named after it (it was a 1969 Holley 2-barrel carbeurator). This got me thinking and I asked my dad if, in fact, I was named after a Holley carbeurator (w/o the ‘e’). He got this giant smile on his face so I knew it was true! I was amazed that I didn’t know this for 23 years and thought it was so random. If this guy never had that dream, would I have ever known this!? So, yes, he had this 1969 Holley carbeurator that he loved so much that when they sold their Beetle, he swapped that carbeurator out and kept it and dragged it around with him over the years and through every move. He finally gave it to this guy to use in one of his restored cars. I gave dad a hard time for giving away my namesake! So here we are, 5-6 years later and I go to open this gift. He had gotten the carbeurator back, mounted it on a wood stand, and had a plaque engraved that says “The “Holly” two-barrel carbeurator. Est 1981″
I CRACKED up and even got a little choked up! Definitely one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. It is now displayed in our home :)

Yeah, I cried :)



Cute buns after a nasty diaper :)

This year’s wine collection, mmmmm

This is also pretty awesome, an air-zooka. Shoots a puff of air at people; we had a great time shooting everyone the rest of the day, hehe

Dad and Roberta with their coordinates doormat we got them and drinking glasses with their boat’s name on them. Weltevreden II

Hi cousin!

This is wear pants go, right?

Eli and Anna next to the Buddha symbol statue I got (means knowledge, agreement, understanding). It will go in our beautimus basement once it’s finished!

That’s it for pictures. We love our little camera, but we’re definitely missing our heftier one. The shutter on it gave out after Chris took a million photos on it :) We’ll be replacing it soon. My good friend Megan is visiting from NY so we saw a movie with her and her parents last night and caught up a bit last night. Today we’ll check out the Da Vinci exhibit at the Science Center - really looking forward to that!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!