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Skiing 2011

Filed under: Daily — January 18, 2011 @ 3:20 pm

After having skipped last year’s trip, we were muy anxious to get back to Winter Park! It was much like other trips out there - fun, tiring, relaxing, with some intimidating runs (hey, blues can be scary).

The days kind of run together as you’re doing the same thing everyday (breakfast, skiing, lunch, skiing, dinner, hot tub, sleep, repeat) so no need to itemize the days. Mostly just pics to share.

On the lift up. I should always remember that wearing goggles and smiling don’t work out.

Outside of Sunspot, our favorite mountain-top break spot.

Ready to head down




We lucked out and sat across from a really nice couple (Shelley and Nate) on the bus. We always had a lot to chat about and we met up to ski, hot tub, have dinner over the trip.
Before we headed out to ski together

Snowy last day

Bus entertainment

So the ride out was uneventful….the ride home, not so much.

Our driver was late picking us up because she had to put chains on the tires. Once we get out of the mountains it was time to take the chains off.
Chris helping out

Well, in the process one of the tire’s valves was ripped out, causing a flat. It was an inside tire so we could drive to Denver to get it fixed. We stopped at a truck stop for a little over an hour waiting for the tire to be fixed and eating dinner. This was the same truckstop we stayed at for over 8 hours a few years ago when I-70 was closed leading into the mountains. What can we say, the TA truckstop outside Denver is our home away from home :)
The entire trip home we were in a big snowstorm with the worst road conditions I’ve ever seen. Lots of white outs caused by speeding semis, drifts over the roads, ice, and just general “Please God, let us make it home alive” type conditions. Our 12 hour trip turned into 20! We wanted to get home but we didn’t want to chance the trip (after pressing our luck on the bus trip!) and drive on ice to Des Moines. We stayed at mom’s place overnight so we got to spend time with Amy and the kiddos and mom, not a bad deal!

This past weekend we were in Sioux City for the Hettinger Family Christmas. It was too quick of a trip, but it was great to see everyone again, open presents, eat great food, and play a lot of games. Chris brought his Lego London Tower Bridge, which became a fun thing for everyone to stop by and put a few pieces on. And with that our holidays are officially done; we like to stretch them out as much as possible ;)