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Sayonara Pepper

Filed under: Daily — March 28, 2011 @ 1:49 pm


After a brief love affair with a stud muffin model, I started having thoughts about our relationship. What did I want out of it? How long could this really last? Even though he was a bit flashy, what would I have to pay for his health as he got older?

Ok, enough of that. We made the decision to trade in my Cayenne for a Toyota Venza. When I first started seeing them on the street a couple years ago I definitely had “oooo, what is that!?” feelings. We test drove one this weekend and liked it a lot. Our original plan for Saturday afternoon was to test drive and run other errands…two hours later I was trying to stop drooling and was filling out loan paperwork (much to Chris’ chagrin) ;) After some back and forth phone calls we went for it and will pick it up tomorrow.
So, very practical yet nice, and I’m not above loving it b/c it’s chocolate brown.

Not quite a male model, but newer with fewer miles and more bells and whistles and buttons for me to push. And most importantly, much more “me.”


It’s considered a crossover though a friend’s brother said “So you’re wagon people” Maybe we are! I like wagons, but I think it looks less wagon-y in person.

What should I name it? No poop comments ;) We’re thinking Cocoa is a good one.
PS - No that’s not my Pepper in the first pic (as evident by the palm trees) but it’s pretty much the same.