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To Forever Have Your Heart Outside Your Body

Filed under: Daily — August 22, 2011 @ 8:50 pm

Yes, we have decided to boldy go where billions and billions have gone before us - parenthood!

We are feeling all the things that first-time parents feel: stunned, excited, scared, happy, nervous, hopeful, and much more.

I’m copying a style other gals I know have used when blogging about pregnancy (thanks!); a little Q&A

- When am I due?

March 6. A WINTER baby, how fitting for us!

- Before we wanted to wait longer, what made us change our minds?

May as well put my child-birthing hips to use, right? :)
Really though, it kind of became a “why not?” scenario. We knew we wanted to have a family but were feeling too selfish with our time and doing what we wanted on a whim. But we have a home, we both have great jobs, things seem stable (knock on wood), and we only have a certain window we can do this. Started thinking that if we waited another 2 years Chris would be 35-36 (depending on when baby came) and we thought about the age we’d be when kids graduate high school and go to college, etc. No offense to older parents of course, we just felt that now was as good a time as any. Plus we didn’t know how long this would take, so, as Chris so eloquently put it when we talked about it “What the hell, let’s go for it.”
ALSO, one of the reasons I had felt hesitant about having kids was because I didn’t feel quite ready for the intense, all-consuming love that parents have for their children. But what I’ve felt for nieces and nephews has been pretty powerful already, so since those little stinkers already put me there, it was too late, so no more excuses :)

- Did I “know?”

I joked that if you’re doing something as major as creating life inside you that your body should turn blue for a couple hours after conception just so you know what’s going on :)

But, the answer is yes (kind of), then no, then yes again.
The first time I thought “hmmm, maybe I’m pregnant” was when we were in Chicago in mid-June. We were at the Field Museum where they have the huge T-Rex dinosaur skeleton and a little 25 minute 3D movie you can watch about how they found it, etc. There were parts that were in cartoon to show how it might have looked, with a lot of the dino coming out of the screen and roaring at you. In the 25 minute movie about a DINOSAUR, I got choked up three times. The only rational explanation for that was crazy hormones!
So I thought I might be.

But then we got home from Chicago and I tested on my birthday (June 23, only a couple days before I was due to start my cycle) and it was negative. I knew I shouldn’t have b/c if it was negative I was going to have disappointed feelings on my birthday, but I did it anyway. So I was bummed. But, hey, I could drink for my 30th, right? (oops) Then it seemed like I started my cycle.
Only two days later it still wasn’t really my cycle. Then I was hot a lot and then cold a lot and then I took 3 naps in one day (dad’s birthday). So those were enough to convince me to test again. And then…

- How did I tell Chris?

I took another test and it took a long time to develop, which I thought was weird compared to others I’d tested with. So, we needed to shave our cat. Yes, shave our cat. She had some mats that needed some shaving attention. So we shaved her back. After that was done (covered in fur) I grabbed the test and I didn’t look at it enough to see the result, but I thought I saw two separate words (as in, “not pregnant”) and decided to have Chris look at it before me to really see what it said. He smiled really big and looked kinda dumbstruck and said something like “it’s good.” We were both confused and here’s why: He thought I had already seen it and was confused whyI wasn’t reacting, I was confused b/c Chris ALWAYS fakes me out about things so I thought he was being a shit and faking me out about this. Even though, looking back, he would never do that about something so serious. So I whipped it back and read it and did a little freak out, cry session with him. Took a couple pictures and called my sisters.

But, lesson learned, don’t test early. Just so it’s off my mind, here’s what I did when I didn’t know I was pregnant: drank (a few times), took allergy and cold medicine a few times, drank quite a bit of caffeine, and sat in a couple hot tubs. I know, I know “women who don’t know they’re pregnant do all that all the time and everything’s fine,” but, still, I felt bad.

- How did we tell family/friends?

A small amount of people knew we were trying so they weren’t surprised, but were very happy :) I called my sisters that night and for the rest of family and friends we told them in person. Chris, naturally, made a “pregnancy test” out of Lego to be used as a prop to tell family members :D

- How am I feeling?
TIRED but good. I’ve also generally been turned off by all food, but I still eat of course. No major sickness until about week 10 (I thought I made it without morning sickness!) but that only lasted about a week. Other than that, a few things here and there that laid me up for some days; but nothing really constant.

- Will we find out what we’re having?
YES. I’m impatient and like to plan.

So there we have it! Looking forward to this journey together with a healthy baby in March 2012! Much more to come!