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Impromptu Family Weekend

Filed under: Daily — April 4, 2011 @ 2:05 pm

Amy, Eric, and the kids came up for the weekend, which, amazingly enough, wasn’t planned until the Monday previous and we were all able to work it out!
Friday night everyone was at our place for my veggie chili and cornbread (my favorite veg. meal I’ve made so far). Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
Our house gets really small in a hurry with more than 4 people in it. Good thing the basement is “guest worthy” now though!

Where’s Anna?

There she is!

Took a little field trip to see Breezin’ all spiffed up.

Freckly Lilly

Tub ‘o love, Turbo

Mulch is insta-entertainment

Cutie-pie Eli (that rhymes) playing on the tire

Dad’s pottery wheel and tools

This is Katelynn’s response after seeing me these days about 75% of the time:

Who are you?

Oh, you’re not one of my moms

Please leave

I’m trying my hardest not to be offended :)

Sarah (did I mention she’s Iowa’s 2010 PGA Teacher of the Year yet!?) giving Eli a lesson

The Hettinger/Bidney/Clarkson boys at the range. I hit a few and it wasn’t pretty…

Forget hitting balls, it’s MUCH more fun to throw them or use a ball as a hammer and pound a tee in the ground!

I’M IN A SUN DRESS! (That’s what she’s saying, I could tell)

Ready for our walk now!

Much like everyone else in the state, I’m sure, we spent a lot of time outside enjoying the weather and being together (that rhymes). After a tremendous time with family, mucho vitamin D, and driving Cocoa enough to use 3/4 of a tank, I was ready to face Monday head-on. ;)